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Everything you need to know about Java EE and its current status Java Enterprise Edition is one the biggest sources for confusion in the worldwide Java community. Just like the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek to anyone who “The Force Awakens” was the first movie they’ve seen in the franchise. The weird thing is that even if you’re experienced with developing for EE, the complete picture is often still fuzzy. In this post, we’re taking in all recent news and taking a closer look at Java EE to clear out the fog with the help of Werner Keil from the Java EE 8 expert group, and Reza Rahman, former Oracle Java EE evangelist and founder of the Java EE guardians. New Post: Java EE vs Java SE: Has Oracle Given up on Enterprise Software? — Takipi (@takipid) April 21, 2016 Exactly how is Java EE different from Ja... (more)

13 Decks Java Developers Must See to Stay Updated

So many presentations to see, so little spare time… There are many key figures in the Java domain, each with his own perspective and opinions about the future of the language. While we can’t be at every event, meetup or talk, thanks to various slide sharing sites, we can hear what these influencers have to say. In the following post we’ve collected the best and most interesting decks about Java, so you won’t miss anything interesting and exciting from top speakers around the world. New Post: 13 Decks Java Developers Must See to Stay Updated pic.twitter.c... (more)

The Top 10 Advanced Java Talks You Should See to Stay Relevant

Learn from the experts: watch some of the best Java videos available online One of the main resources for learning about new things in software development, is online talks and videos. You can find Java experts sharing their experience with you, without getting off the couch. In the following post we’ve gathered 10 of our favorite speakers and topics that we believe every Java developer should watch. Get the popcorn, sit back and let Java blow your mind. New Post: The Top 10 Advanced Java Talks You Should See to Stay Relevant — ... (more)

We Crunched 1 Billion Java Logged Errors – Here’s What Causes 97% of Them

97% of Logged Errors are Caused by 10 Unique Errors It’s 2016 and one thing hasn’t changed in 30 years. Dev and Ops teams still rely on log files to troubleshoot application issues. For some unknown reason we trust log files implicitly because we think the truth is hidden within them. If you just grep hard enough, or write the perfect regex query, the answer will magically present itself in front of you. Yep, tools like Splunk, ELK and Sumologic have made it faster to search logs but all these tools suffer from one thing – operational noise. Operational noise is the silent kille... (more)

The Top 100 Clojure Libraries in 2016 – After Analyzing 30,000+ Dependencies

What are the top Clojure libraries used by projects on Github? Based on analyzing over 30,000 leiningen dependencies One of the most helpful things to look into when choosing which libraries to include in your project is just how popular they are. While actual functionality is the main issue at hand, getting a sense of which libraries are used the most for the problem you’re trying to solve is a quick hack to make sure you’re on track. Following our recent research around Java, we’ve looked into the 9,208 most popular Clojure repositories on Github (out of 15,214) and pulled out ... (more)